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Why we did this and why you should sign up!

What can you do for my business?

We can clean up your account!  Almost every business has random charges that they do not know anything about.  We will find what plan works best for you based on your usage.  After we fix the account we can still maintain it by looking for new deals every day.

We can perform the transactions for you!  Instead of you spending time on the phone, online or in a store let us do it! Do you know how many times we have heard going into a store is just like buying a car!

We can help your bottom line.  Let us know your budget and we will srtive to beat it. This is our business, so you are our priority.

What can you do for my family?

We can keep you informed of when the phone that your child wants is available at the price the you want to spend.  We can also keep an eye on your bill to help prevent the unexpected charges that can come from having multiple lines on an account.  We can also give you advice when someone is moving to their own account or if someone is wanting to join your account.  We will try and make getting a new phone and plan fun; the way it should be!

What can you do for me?

We can give you a lot of information to save you money and time!  Quickly find out about all the current deals and promotions.  We will explain the various plans and how adding a second phone to your account could drastically change your plan.  We can teach you how to get a warranty replacement instead of buying a new phone. We can give you peace of mind that you received the best deal for what you wanted! I just saved a customer 34 minutes and 32 seconds of phone time with Verizon because we handle the account, we do the work!

How can I trust you?

We thought about that before we made this site.  All the information that we need from you will be aquired from email or phone.  We will never process anything without your consent.  We will never look at your account online.  Our card payment system is through, which is a reputable payment providor. If we need any information about your account you can either email it to us or we will call you.

Alternately you can try our Self Serve plan, which only requires a payment.  All of the information to get the most out of your account is provided and constantly being updated.

Finally you can trust us because you trust your phone carrier.  Every carrier representative that you speak with can see your personal information.  We have no interest in it, which is why we don’t want advertisements on our site!.

Why are you doing this website?

We are doing this because we are tired of trying to help you and sell you something at the same time.  What motivation does someone have to help you if their job depends on upselling you on plans and products?  We decided to try our own company where we can help you without any quotas!